Developed by 4A Games. Action, PEGI 18

Released in UK on PS4/Xbox One/PC by Deep Silver on 15th February 2019, RRP £49.99.


While METRO EXODUS is the third instalment in 4A’s apocalyptic opus you don’t necessarily have to have plugged your way through the first two entries in the series to get it. Yes, it certainly helps, and does add more weight to the experience but for the most part this is largely a self-contained narrative that follows series hero, Artyom and his wife, as well as band of Spartan Rangers as they set out on a journey aboard the Aurora train in search of a safe haven.


Whereas the first two titles in the series were primarily a darkened subterranean affair, Exodus shifts the action to the realm of open world, and boy are you in for a treat Fright-Festers. This is arguably one of the most polished and beautiful looking games of the current generation. But be warned shooter fans, if you’re expecting a Call of Duty experience where you can just blast your way through waves of enemies and levels Metro Exodus is not the game you’re looking for; to really master it you need to be slow and methodical. Situations involving other humans, or terrifying mutants need to be planned out if you want to emerge unscathed.


And on top of this you’ll have to manage everything from gas mask filters to bullets as well as degrading weapons if you want to make it to the end credits in one piece. Both Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light did a superb job of crafting a real sense of dread as you trudged through the tightly designed levels, so you’d think the transition to an open world would have meant that element suffered, but that’s not the case here; 4A Games has managed to deliver a thrillingly atmospheric journey into the unknown that should please both newcomers and those who have been travelling with Artyom since the bleak beginnings of Metro.


Sebastian Williamson


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