Developed by Grasshopper Manufacture. Action, PEGI 18

Released in UK on Switch by Nintendo on 18th January 2019, RRP £29.99.


It’s hard to believe it’s been eight years since we last saw enigmatic video game hero, Travis Touchdown, hack and slash his way across our console screens. It’s a shame then that this latest instalment in the whacky series isn’t a full-blown sequel, but rather a spin-off cum companion piece of sorts that picks up after the 2010 sequel, No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle.


The plot, like its predecessors, is typically bananas – super villain Bad Man has tracked down Travis Touchdown and seeks vengeance for the death of daughter, Bad Girl, only for the both of them to be sucked into a videogame called Electric Thunder Tiger II. Talk about Meta! Rather than a full-on third person adventure like the others, Travis Strikes Again opts for a combination of isometric and side-scrolling gameplay, with additional angles in between to keep things interesting.


There are six worlds to wade through with each one taking its cues from video games to TV shows and movies; expect to see nods to sneak ‘em ups such as Metal Gear Solid, small screen camp classics such as the sixties Batman show as well as tips of the hat to the likes of Steven Spielberg and eighties sci-fi crowd pleaser, Tron. It’s a goofy ride, and the limited scope and budget is reflected in the fourth wall breaking narrative that constantly pokes fun at itself, but we had a blast slicing our way through it, and even though we yearned for a fuller Travis Touchdown experience this one still features enough great moment to warrant a purchase.


Sebastian Williamson


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