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Directed by Patrick Rea. Starring Sarah McGuire, Patrick McGee, Laurie Catherine Winkell.
Horror, US, 84 minutes, certificate 15.


Released in the UK On Demand 13th November from Central City Media.


Travelling across the country with her young son Adrian in tow, Amy seems to be running from something, or someone. Returning to the small town where she grew up, her furtive nature seems to have its roots from her childhood and a girlfriend who is all too eager to prove her knife skills to anyone unlucky enough to cross her path. Adding to this problem is the fact that Adrian seems to sense that something else is lurking in the shadows of their new home, something that could be related to his own not so distant past.


This low-budget horror has very little to draw on in ways of on screen resources and sadly in terms of story. Patrick Rea’s direction is capable enough, ensuring that the film never descends into unwatchable territory, but he contributes nothing here that will keep the viewer interested.


The digital filming lends a crisp and clear picture to proceedings. Bright, stark overhead lighting illuminates every nook and cranny of the supposedly spooky house that Amy and Adrian find themselves hiding out in. When unnatural events do occur the overall effect is one that fails to stir any kind of reaction within the viewer. It seems that so little effort is being made here that you are left wondering if the director has seen a horror film before, which judging from his past work including the werewolf flick I AM LISA, he obviously has.


Slightly awkward performances and dialogue also add to the unsatisfying feeling you will no doubt experience if you dare to watch this, although Laurie Catherine Winkell brings a small spark of life to proceedings as Amy’s vengeful, knife toting ex-girlfriend whose reasons for hunting down the protagonists does lead to one slight surprise later in the film. By then however it is too little too late. At the risk of sounding too repetitive there is very little else on offer here.


Iain MacLeod.


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